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Maeda Cramer

Executive Assistant

The newest member of the Kara Pierce Team, Maeda Cramer began working with Kara as her Executive Assistant in September 2019. She graduated from Loyola University, Maryland in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, with a focus on Advertising and Public Relations. Always looking for growth opportunities, she jumped at the chance to study abroad in Leuven, Belgium, and was able to travel and live throughout Europe for 10 months during her Junior year. Back in the states, her first job after graduation was working with Keller Williams of Central PA East (Kara’s brokerage!), although she left soon after to explore other career paths. Maeda married her high-school sweetheart in 2018, and the newlyweds recently purchased their first home in Marietta, PA, re-introducing her to the wonderful world of Real Estate. A few months ago, Maeda saw that Kara was looking for an addition to her team, and the rest is history! 


“Maeda is amazing, an absolute joy of a human being and the best Cat Mom in the history of the world. Honestly, no one could do this job as well as she can, plus she looks so cool while she’s doing it, so that’s an added bonus. She’s also super fun and hilarious. Again, I can’t stress enough how awesome and super pretty Maeda is!